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Jay Young

Owner / Inventor of the 24 Volt Mod

I have been making and selling the 24 Volt Mod™ Since 2011, however the 24 Volt Mod™ was invented long before that.


Years ago I got my first set of EMG active guitar pickups. Like many, I soon learned that using two 9 Volts together (known as the 18 Volt Mod) increased the headroom and made the pickups sound better.


There were also some using three 9 volt batteries for a 27 Volt Mod.


While these mods do work well they come with a host of issues.


First you have to have a lot of extra room in your guitar's battery compartment. If you don't and want to run a multiple battery mod, you would need to modify or rout your guitar body to fit the extra batteries.

Typical 18 Volt Mod Harness

18 Volts sounds good but 27 Volts sound better with active pickups but 27 Volts is the maximum rating for most electric guitar and bass active pickups plus it is really hard to fit three 9 Volt batteries inside a guitar.

So one day I decided to experiment with different combinations of batteries and hooked them up to my guitar. I accidently discovered a 24 Volt Setup and noticed that it made my pickups more responsive than both the 18 and 27 volt mods. I created a crude battery pack and began to use it exclusively in my guitars.


Some time later, friends would ask about my setup and after playing my guitar equipped with my 24 Volt Mod™ would ask me to make one for them.

Later my girlfriend and I started an eBay business that wasn't intended to be for the 24 Volt Mod™ But after awhile I thought it would be a good product to sell in our eBay store and I decided to finally offer the 24 Volt Mod™ to those who may want it. I began by ordering parts and batteries. I tested the unit extensively with all the different active guitar and bass pickups I could find. I stress tested and continued to develop the mod for production for years before bringing it to the market. After a few years I managed to test almost all known and lessor known models of active guitar and bass pickups that were on the market at the time.  We only found a few older (80's models) active pickups that were generic in nature that did not work well with the 24 Volt Mod™.  I refined the design and hand made each unit and began selling them online in late 2011.

The unit sold well and has been well received by guitar and bass players all over the world.
In 2018 one of our parts suppliers stopped manufacturing the main part of the unit and we thought the 24 Volt Mod
™ was finished. We are a small company and lacked the funding to have the unit mass produced.

After months of research, redesign and testing I was finally able to bring the 24 Volt Mod™ back and even better than before. Using a new process for assembling the unit brings it even closer to the vision I have for the product.

We still run our eBay business and offer all of our guitar products there and here on the 24 Volt Mod™ website.


Each unit is still hand made and tested by me before shipping. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our products.


~Jay Young~